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On Orders $39.99 + Continental U.S. ONLY



$15.00 Flat Rate Available


Best Pocket Square Holder COLORS

The Best Pocket Square Holder has established itself as a true staple in the wardrobes of men all around the world. We are now introducing the NEW Best Pocket Square Holder COLORS. Colors are now available for those who want to have a customized product that better represents there personality. What is your favorite color?

Keep in mind, men can now maintain a professional, classic, trendy or formal look by following four easy steps. Just simply SELECT the pocket square or handkerchief of choice from your collection. STYLE the pocket square with a custom fold from our "How To" section of the website. SECURE the pocket square by squeezing the Best Pocket Square Holder open at the top and inserting the styled and folded pocket square. Then finally, INSERT the Best Pocket Square Holder in your pocket to maintain your style all day. The Best Pocket Square Holder should be in the closet of ALL men. Order yours today and begin your fashion journey!

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