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About Us

Best Wardrobe Solutions is a fashion technology company that provides men with a family of innovative fashion accessories, wardrobe resources and free mobile app to help them look and feel their BEST! The Best Wardrobe Solutions App is the ONLY one of its kind in the app store. The app is tailored to meet ALL of a man’s personal and professional style needs with features such as: How-to Videos, Man Cave, Style Guide, Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Mobile Online Store and even a monthly Selfie Contest for fun, fashion competition and prizes.


What makes our company unique?


With the invention of our patent-pending product, the Best Pocket Square Holder, it is arguably the best men’s furnishing of the 21st century. The product solves a 100-year-old problem of falling and shifting pocket squares that won’t stay secure in a man’s suit jacket pocket.



Men make purchases based on three major factors: NEED, FUNCTION & FASHION. The first, of which, is need. Our understanding of the male-buying cycle has been essential to the growth and future of our company. This shopping cadence answers the question(s) of whether the product or service…


  • …meets a NEED and/or solves their problem?

  • …FUNCTIONS well and can be used repeatedly?

  • …meets their style and/or FASHION requirements?



Our proprietary product, Best Pocket Square Holder, gets a resounding yes for satisfying all three areas.



CEO | Stifel Nicholous

Ron Kruszewski

Outstanding product!  I wear pocket square all the time. I couldn't imagine wearing another suit without a Best Pocket Square Holder


President | Styles International

Bob Marshall

I adopted the Best Pocket Square Holder right away in my product line up. It is an essential in EVERY sale to my clientele. It has changed our approach to our book of business. 

Dr Lyndon Gross_edited.jpg

Partner | Orthopedic Center of St. Louis

Dr. Lyndon Gross

I have been wearing these products for years! The Best Pocket Square Holder has been a Game Changer in my closet. It makes my custom suits a conversation piece. "A MUST HAVE!"


CEO | Elite Orthopedics

John Purcell

I love the Best Pocket Square!  I went and bought a few for myself and a few other sales managers that wear squares!  IT'S THE BEST DAMN SQUARE HOLDER EVER!

John Pertsborn_edited.jpg

News Anchor | Fox 2 News

John Pertzborn

When I was introduced to the Best Pocket Square Holder I quickly knew that this was a product I couldn't do without. It is essential for me to have in my clothing arsenal.


The Potters House

Bishop TD Jakes

AMAZING PRODUCT! I am in a suit weekly, both on and off television. When I found out about the Best Pocket Square Holder, I became convinced it is the most brilliant product I have seen for us men.

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