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Best Pocket Square Holder

(See the videos below for more AMAZING folds)

The smallest detail can make the biggest difference! The pocket square is the single most indispensable tool for defining a man of style. Men want to know: Should it look nonchalant? Should it match my tie? There is a lot of flexibility and creativity that can be expressed through a chest pocket in the 21st Century. Here, we answer all your questions, show you all the best options and teach you how to fold it like a pro and secure your style with the Best Pocket Square Holder. See instructional videos below:

How to Fold Pocket Rounds

Become the Pocket Round Master!

How to Create the Round Rose Fold

Be Memorable with this Conversation Piece

How to Create the Arch Fold

A Fold Inspired by St. Louis, MO

How to Create the Double Eagle Fold

Simply Two Presidential Folds put Together

How to Create the Double Poof Fold

A Simple Fold to Add More Color to Your Look

How to Create the Hollywood Fold

Get the Look of the Stars with this Fold!

How to Create the Four Point Sway

An Old Fold with a Major Upgrade...The Sway!

How to Create the Hurricane Anthony Fold

A Fold Inspired by Mother Nature

How to Create the Signature Fold

Is the World Ready for Your Signature?

How to Create the Presidential Fold

The Oldest, Cleanest Fold of All Times

How to Create the Rose Fold

This Fold is a Game Changer for all Occasions

How to Create the Big Frank Fold

For the Extreme Pocket Square Wearer

How to Create the Poof Fold

The Fold that Started it All...The Poof! 

How to Create the Fan Fold

It's a Fold You Probably Learned in Grade School

How to Create the Bamboo Fold

Convert a Pocket Round into a Masterpiece

How to Create the Crown Fold

The Fold Fit for a King! 

How to Create the Double Bird of Paradise

A Fold that's the Talk of the Town!

How to Create the Deck Fold

An Easy Fold...Just Spread it & Forget it

How to Create the Double Round Fold

Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun!

How to Create the Double Signature Fold

Make the Double Signature Your Signature Look

How to Create the Flower Power Fold

Turn a Big Pocket Square into a Work of Art

How to Create the Stack Fold

Two Pocket Squares Make One Fantastic Look

How to Create the Super Rose Fold

This Fold is a Show Stopper...Wear it with Pride

How to Create the Peak Fold

Create a Great Look in a Few Easy Steps

How to Create the Link Fold

Break the Chains of adversity with the Link Fold

How to Create the Spartan Fold

A King Ready for Battle like King Leonidas!

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