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Our Story

Founded by Cedric O. Cobb in 2015, Best Wardrobe Solutions was birthed out of the need to solve an age-old problem that has troubled men of fashion for decades. As a fashion and wardrobe consultant, Cedric consistently noticed that men struggle with securing the fashion and function of pocket squares in their chest pockets. As he looked across the industry, he noticed there was not one quality product that could claim to securing a pocket square all day long without loss of integrity or style.


In 2013 Cedric saw an "Ask Steve" segment on The Steve Harvey Show where Steve was showing a married couple how to fold a pocket square. In that segment, the only thing Steve could come up with was fabric tape to secure his pocket square. Cedric was astounded and thought it was unacceptable that the best-dressed man in America did not have a solid product to secure his look. As a result, Cedric acted with the goal of solving this pesky problem for the masses once and for all. In 2015 he officially invented and launched the “Best Pocket Square Holder”—a product that HOLDS THE FOLD of any pocket square securely in the chest pocket of a sports coat or vest. Men can now maintain a professional, classic, trendy or formal look with their pocket squares because of Cedric’s patented invention. “Best Pocket Square Holder” is the final, key piece to the wardrobe puzzle!


Best Pocket Square Holder and Best Collection products (a custom line of men's premium accessories) have been sold in all 50 states and 46 countries to date. We have small retailers around the country who carry this product. Their customers are very appreciative because it solves their pocket square troubles. This product has also gained the attention of celebrities and professional athletes. The “Best Pocket Square Holder” is currently worn in the pockets of NFL Super Bowl Champion, Roland Williams of the St. Louis Rams, NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little of the Denver Broncos, Singer Ron Isley, NFL legend Deion Sanders, heartthrob and actor Brian White and many more.


Due to a divine connection in 2018, Cedric met Ray Lewis, Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL legend. They quickly realized their shared vision for style and desire to help men look and feel their best. This relationship resulted in the emergence of The Return of the True Gentlemen—a movement created with the mission of elevating the image of the strong, successful male. Not only do Ray and Cedric firmly believe true gentlemen take life by the horns to win for the future, but they also exemplify it.


The first quarter of 2019 will be the official integration of our partnership with Ray Lewis and will be a game changer for our brand. Ray is more than an equity partner of the Best Wardrobe Solutions brand, Cedric acts as his fashion and wardrobe consultant to ensure Ray is dressed like a true gentleman from head to toe.


We welcome you to explore our site and hope you become one of our many satisfied patrons!



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